About Ashack

Set on the languid and picturesque banks of Theewaterskloof Dam, Aphrodisiac Shack’s main feature is the world-renowned Charcuterie, which crafts hot- and cold-smoked meat products, as well as a variety of cheeses and other gourmet goodies. The Deli features all the smokehouse’s premium products, where you can purchase the hearty fare for a fraction of what it is usually sold for elsewhere – and have a bite to eat while you’re there. Aside from being a gastronomist’s slice of heaven, we offer scenic picnics (with a basket chock-full of delicious snacks from our deli, freshly-baked bread from the kitchen and seasonal organic salad from the garden), packaged day tours, fishing sites, and event hosting for all ages. Sean Hormann is a trained chef who worked abroad for 15 years, while mastering the charcuter’s art of hot- and cold-smoking. If you’re looking for wholesome, naturally good food that can bring harmony to a troubled world and bring any cultures together, you need look no further. The founding practice of our business is to ‘love’ our product from start to finish (and you will too!). We ensure that our suppliers use only the most environmentally respectful farming methods, and any waste generated by the product is recycled back into the farming structure or the community. All of our meat products are also chemical-, hormone-, preservative- and additive-free, traditionally free range and 100% organic, because we know – you need to love your body as much as you love your food.

Mission Statement/ Vision/ Purpose

I see a future of good. It begins and ends with us. We are responsible for the world and what exists on it. Our choices and purpose in life are the brush that that paint a real picture of what we see and understand. On the canvas that is education and knowledge.
Yesterday today and for the rest of my days I choose to be the change I wish to see in the world. I see a world in which every living human being has access to freshly grown vegetables daily. That one of the earth’s great gifts to mankind be available for free and accessible to everyone worldwide. Thank you to everyone who thinks this is an impossible task and to all of you who wish me good luck. Weather in sarcasm or sincerity I accept the challenge. It can and must be done. My journey in making this a possible reality begins with my love and passion for good, wholesome, ethical food. When I am not living my purpose I’m working on it. When I’m not working on it I’m thinking about it and when I am not thinking I dream it. Is it an obsession or passion? Who cares as long as it happens…
Join me on my journey I would love to share my message and passion and love with the world.


Listen to everything we can. Hear what makes sense. Act with purpose and integrity only once we fully understand. Make our intensions those of good and our actions transparent and true. Always put purpose before profit. Then with determination realize our vision every day. Most importantly to never give up or lose sight of our purpose.
If we focus on making a difference first the universe will respond…From the earth to the table. Keep it simple keep it real educate and send the right message and the people will change and with it balance will return and we may survive the future.
Be blessed….

FairtradeWe are proud to be a part of the Fairtrade origination and export our products through Turqle Trading.

The Fair Trade Trust of South Africa (2003) was established to channel benefit to the workers (who are not primary producers (farmers) who receive FLO premiums). One of the delightful things about the trust (apart from its elegant simplicity), is that the beneficiaries are right there – on the factory floor – visible, tangible and ‘provable’. practice’ Fair Trade’. Read more about Fairtrade SA

Fairtrade means the produce we use is farmed ethically and a fair price is paid.  Traders are accountable for the way they do business.  We do not put profit before ethics or quality.

  Our famous Streaky Bacon went to the Bucus World Cup of Culinary Excellence with celebrity chef Bertus Basson to represent South Africa (2007) – Bucus World Cup of Culinary Excellence

  Aphrodisiac Shack won the Sunday Times Food Entrepreneur Award (2008) – Sunday Times Food Entrepreneur Award

   Our Klein River Smoked Cheese won the Woolworths Food Challenge (2013)   – Woolworths Food Challenge

  Our Smoked Olive Oil featured in the Food & Home Magazine (July 2014)   – Food & Home Magazine

Our Smoked Butter helped Margot Janse secure 1stPlace in the “Bearnaise Cook-off” for WW Taste Magazine (2009)    – Taste Magazine

  Our Smoking Process featured in the WW Taste Magazine (2008)   – Taste Magazine